About Us

One summer day in June of 2015

We found ourselves on a paddleboard on Town Lake in Austin, Texas. Sitting on our boards, feet dangling in the cool water on that warm summer day thoughts began to race. "This is so beautiful" "This is so peaceful." "Lubbock needs something like this." "An escape." "We could do this." "Could we do this?" "But how?" As soon as we got home the process was started.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the world's fastest growing sport.

Why, you ask? Everyone can do it! Children, teenagers, adults, everyone. You can stand, kneel, sit or lay on your board. SUP is a great physical workout, but only if you want it to be. The experience is second to none in Lubbock. Gliding along on the water, breathing fresh air, getting to experience God's creation while enjoying some mild physical activity is just so peaceful, and it's all within the city limits of Lubbock!

The Brazos River!

We are located on the Upper Fork of the Lower Fork of the Brazos River. Whew! That's a mouthful! But did you catch that? The Brazos River! If you look at a map of all the many tributaries that spill into The Mighty Brazos ours is the furthest North. So, I guess you could say that the Brazos River begins right here in Lubbock! Who knew?! It is still spring fed and the city feeds it with well water to keep it at a constant level. Many years ago our city forefathers had the vision to put in dams and low water crossings to expand the width of the river creating our Canyon Lake System. Our Home Base, if you will, is Dunbar Historic Lake the last "lake" on the Canyon Lake System just South of 19th Street and MLK Boulevard. Dunbar Historic Lake is the largest body of water in Lubbock boasting of 76.5 acres of constant level water to explore. We believe it is the most beautiful area of Lubbock. There are no motorized vehicles on this water.

If you feel a short three minute tutorial before launching you out on the water is not enough we do offer a 2 hour Intro to SUP lesson. Other offerings include a Sunset Paddle, Full Moon Paddle, Fireworks Paddle on the 4th of July, Yoga on the Dock (Flow&Float), Kids SUP Day Camp, Groups and Group Team Building & Games.