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A little nervous about SUP? This class will provide you with basic skills needed to safely paddle, stand up, and balance. We will cover wind, weather and water conditions. You will learn turning, sculling, drawing and multiple paddle techniques. In addition we'll discuss board selection and paddle sizing. With a total of Two Hours (1 hour instruction, 1 hour practice) you will leave the lesson with all the skills necessary to paddle with confidence and safety.

Get Comfortable On the Board

Take paddleboard classes in Lubbock, TX

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP as we call it at SUPLBK, requires skill and patience. That's why we offer paddleboard classes to help you get comfortable on the board. Your coach will teach you basic skills, like how to balance on the board, along with safety tips to help you dominate the water.

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Take our class to learn the basics of paddleboarding

Let a pro show you the ropes. Our introduction to stand up paddleboarding will help you feel comfortable on the water. We offer a:

  • Individual paddleboard class for $75
  • Two-person paddleboard class for $65 per person
  • Three-person group paddleboard class for $55 per person
  • Four-person group paddleboard class for $45 per person

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